PowerUp is Feature-Packed Shmup with a Story

To be released tomorrow, Playing with Giants‘ new shmup, PowerUp, distinguishes itself from other shmups out there by offering a cinematic story to go with the blistering visuals and engrossing gameplay. In the rich story of the game, you are piloting what may be the last remnants of the human race against some very, very big bosses. By mixing the story featuring some excellent writing with nice innovations such as a new, twin-stick styled control mechanism, ship customization, and huge boss battles, PowerUp gets everything about the modern shmup right and looks to be a big hit for fans of the genre.

PowerUp will be available in the App Store on Thursday, 4/8 for $2.99.

Battle Shmup Bosses in Phoenix Force

While having existed for other platforms for some time now, Phoenix Force by Awoker Games is now available on iOS. The game differentiates from other shmups on the market by only featuring massive boss battles. Oh, and you die after being hit once. The gameplay is challenging, but it is also definitely manageable for experienced players.

Phoenix Force is available on the App Store for free.

Shoot on Spheres in Space Shooter Skyler

Game developer Cyscorpions has released Space Shooter Skyler, a twin-stick shooter for iOS. Instead of a 2D plane to shoot on like most games, Space Shooter Skyler places you on a sphere and lets enemies come from all directions in the process. The bright graphics and customizable options for the six ship types and four upgradable weapons in the game ensure replayability in a fun twin-stick shooter.

Space Shooter Skyler is available on the App Store for free.

.Decluster is Bullet Hell Simplifed

New to the App Store, .Decluster by developer Masayuki Ito is a beautiful, minimalistic take on the bullet hell genre. Your ship and enemies are made from geometric designs, and the action is classic vertical shoot ’em up. Sometimes things can get confusing because enemies and obstacles look relatively similar, but the game is a fun and interesting interpretation of classic bullet hell games. In addition to your ship firing vertically, there is also an option for a homing laser enabled by tapping a second finger on the screen.

.Decluster is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Star Drift is Flappy Flyer

New to the App Store, Star Drift by Squarehead Games blends space shooting with a familiar game mechanic. The game is played by putting your finger on the screen to make your ship move up and taking your finger off the screen to let it float down. Whereas a famous flappy game had you only dodging obstacles, Star Drift adds to this mechanic by letting you shoot baddies and collect power-ups. It has been getting moderately good reviews on the web, and I enjoyed the familiar controls with the new setting and features.

Star Drift is available on the App Store for $0.99.

Endless Loot-Shooter Infinite Cosmos Released for iOS

It’s a few days later than Infinite Cosmos was supposed to be released, but the shmup from Absinthe Games is finally now available on the App Store! As announced, the shooter is a loot-filled, side-scrolling adventure with old-school, pixelated graphics. If you have enjoyed recent games like Gemini Strike and Superchroma, then Infinite Cosmos is right up your alley and definitely worth trying out.

Infinite Cosmos is now available on the App Store for $0.99.

Cave Releasing Mahouotome in April for iOS in Japan

Cave, publisher of many of the best shmups on iOS, announced a new IP yesterday in Mahouotome. Looking like a fantastic new shooter in the vein of the DoDonPachi series, the only catch to the new game is that it is exclusively being released in Japan for the foreseeable future according to other sites covering the announcement.

As Cave announces details about the game, I’ll continue to update the site with news. Here’s to hoping that the game will be translated and released for Western audiences very soon!

Shoot Enemies Made from Text in Text Defender

Text Defender, a new shmup from developer Swipeware, is a shmup with a twist. Instead of going the AAA route of high-res graphics and beautiful animations, Text Defender simplifies things by having the enemies and ships on screen made from computer text.

While the gimmick of shooting at and avoiding pieces of text is clever, the gameplay itself it quite challenging. You can flip your ship’s vertical orientation to shoot at enemies from the top or the bottom of the screen, and enemies stay on the screen until you destroy them. This can lead to some very frantic moments for the shmup, and it makes the invincibility power-up something to always be looking for while playing.

Text Defender is available on the App Store for free.