Super Mashteroids is Classic Shmup Mash-Up

Super Mashteroids, a shmup from developer The Binary Crucible, was released in the App Store on Friday. The game is a mash-up of Asteroids, Space Invaders, and other vintage shooter games. In addition to emulating the old games, there are different game types and power-ups as well as many enemy and asteroid types to face off against.

Super Mashteroids is available in the App Store for free with optional in-app purchases.

Heavy Metal Shmup FullBlast Lands on App Store

After an extended review period, FullBlast is now available on the App Store. The stylistic shmup is a fast-paced shooter set to a heavy metal soundtrack and plenty of bullets.

FullBlastDeveloper UFO Crash Games has a nice pricing system for the game. The first stage is free, and the additional three stages cost $1.99 through an in-app purchase. The game is quite challenging, so the first level may be enough for quite a while for most players, but I have already gone ahead and bought the additional stages.

FullBlast is available in the App Store for free with optional in-app purchases.

App Bundles from radiangames Coming This Week

Luke Schneider of radiangames just announced two upcoming app bundles on Twitter. There will be an action bundle (most likely containing Inferno+, Ballistic SE, JoyJoy, Fireball SE and Super Crossfighter) and a separate puzzle bundle (most likely containing CRUSH, Fluid SE, SideSwype, and Slydris). Inferno 2 will not be included in the bundles due to its recent release.

I know a lot of people already own the games, but if you still don’t, this is going to be a great way to get in on one of the best small developers for shooters and puzzles in the App Store. While you’re there, considering picking up Inferno 2 for a very reasonable $2.99. I love the game and so does Kotaku, which gave it quite a favorable review and called it “one of the toughest games for the iPad.”

BugPlanet is Challenging iPhone Shmup

Shogun3D recently released BugPlanet, a bullet hell game only on iPhone. While the game looks like your average vertical shmup, the bullets start coming instantly and require lots of movement to avoid, even at the beginning of the game.


If you are looking for a truly challenging shmup, give BugPlanet a look on the App Store. Given that it is being offered for free, picking it up and trying it out should be a no-brainer. Just don’t expect to last very long on your first few plays.

DotEmu Shmup Bundle Available on App Store

One of the most underhyped features of iOS 8 is its App Store bundles. App Store bundles allow developers to sell groups of apps at a reduced price, something that has been possible on other platforms for quite some time now. While the feature is so new that few bundles are available so far, one bundle collects some classic shmups from publisher DotEmu.

4gamesThe DotEmu Classics – Shmup bundle contains Radien Legacy which includes RAIDEN, RAIDEN FIGHTERS, RAIDEN FIGHTERS 2 and RAIDEN FIGHTERS JET. The bundle also features R-TYPE and R-TYPE II giving a total of six shmups for $5.99 (essentially a dollar per game). It’s nice to see a focus on getting some good shmups for a great price in the App Store with this bundle. Hopefully other publishers like Cave will take notice and begin offering shmup bundles of their own.

Inferno 2 Pushed Back to October

radiangames updated their website yesterday with a very long post concerning Inferno 2. While the app has not yet been submitted to the App Store (the developer still needs to take screenshots and make a preview), it looks very close to being finished, so much so that radiangames released a 1080p trailer of a complete level in the game.

While it is disappointing to hear that the game has been delayed (again), the extra polish that radiangames has clearly put into Inferno 2 should more than make up for the delay. The game will include 80 unique levels.

Inferno 2 is expected to release on October 2nd in the App Store for $2.99.

FullBlast Releasing in October

UFO Crash Games is almost finished with developing FullBlast, a 3D top-down shooter for iOS and Android. On their website, UFO Crash Games is careful not to call this a “bullet hell” game although you can see from the screenshots that there are plenty of bullets to avoid on the screen.

The game will be distributed on the App Store for a fixed cost without in-app purchases. It will also feature procedurally generated content for the levels, which should add significantly to replay ability.

FullBlast is expected to release on October 1st in the App Store for $1.99.

Humble Flash Bundle: Shmups

The newest Humble Flash Bundle features shmups for the desktop.

Really Big Sky and Syder Arcade are available for Name-Your-Own-Price. Danmaku Unlimited 2 and Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender are available for Beat-The-Average (currently $5.08). Crimzon Clover: World Ignition is available for any price $7 or over.

Syder Arcade is available for the Mac and Linux in addition to Windows. All of the other games are listed as Windows only.

The price is only good for 24 hours and ends tomorrow morning.

Gemini Strike Gets Favorable Reviews on Metacritic

Gemini Strike has received positive reviews on Metacritic. The game currently has a score of 76. Here is what the reviewers have to say:

“Considering the cost of admission, it’s a no brainer to check out Gemini Strike, and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.” – TouchArcade

“Shoot everything and loot everything in this entertaining vertical shoot em up.” – 148Apps

“Gemini Strike is not a perfect game, but one with enough redeeming elements and things that can, at worst, be addressed in updates, that it’s worth checking out for the curious – especially at that free price.” – Gamezebo

“An enjoyable mix of old school shmup and loot-harvesting action-RPG, though perhaps not quite as deep as it would like to think it is.” – Pocket Gamer UK

“Gemini Strike is a well put together vertical shoot ‘em up offering an intense challenge that is worth picking up. It’s worth noting that the costs can rack up quick with costly credits required to continue, upgrade, and replenish hearts.” – Apple’N’Apps