Action-RPG Shump Gemini Strike Releasing September 4th

Armor Games is publishing Gemini Strike, its action-RPG inspired shump, on September 4th. Gemini Strike distinguishes itself from other shumps on the App Store with a procedurally generated loot system for your ship. As you defeat enemies, you will be able to upgrade your ship’s shield and shots.


Gemini Strike will be released for free with the game containing in-app purchases. However, many early previews of the game have praised its unwillingness to be “pay to win.” This is a good sign for shump fans as the game has garnered praise for its inventiveness and gameplay in preview builds.

Gemini Strike will release on September 4th for free.

Inferno 2 To Be Released in September

On Thursday, radiangames released the news that Inferno 2 would be released sometime in September. The developer had originally been planning an August release for the game, but development was delayed as another radiangames IP, Super Crossfighter, was being updated.


Based on the released screenshot, the game looks to be a hefty improvement over the original Inferno+. A new XP system, ship classes, shot mods, and retooled health and overdrive meters all figure prominently in the test build’s UI.

radiangames also took the time to note that this would be the last release from the developer for a while. While this is certainly disappointing news for fans of the prolific developer, Inferno 2 looks to be the largest and most polished game of the entire radiangames catalog.

Inferno 2 will release sometime in September for $2.99.